Comedy Stage Hypnosis Shows

Comedy Stage Hypnosis


The Comedy Stage Hypnosis Shows provided by PHS are designed to be G - PG rated. We have a variety of shows and do our best to custom each show to your City or Organization.






The length of the show depends on what you request and the volunteers. We can provide a brief show, much like a demonstration, that will last approximately 30 - 50 minutes, depending on your time allowances. A large show will last approximatley 2 hours. The average show for events like Post Prom or Post Graduation Parties is approximately 1 ½ hours in length.


When you book a show with PHS, you will receive a hypnotist trained by the “Ultimate Stage Hypnosis” instructors. These four instructors include: a Hypnotist who was featured on 20-20 and has been called “The World’s most captivating Hypnotist” Mr. Jerry Valley; 2nd is Jerry’s right hand man and business partner, Hypnotist Extraordinaire Mr. Tommy Vee; the 3rd is from Arizona and is one of the most entertaining Hypnotist in the Country, he is also an Amazing Magician, Mr. Michael DeSchalit; the 4th is also much more than Hypnotist, he has developed powerful subliminal music and is only one of three Master treegraphologist Teachers in the World, Mr. Alex Mitt.


The fee involved with each Show varies from $500 for the shorter demonstration to $5000 for the “Big Show.” There are many options between the $500 and $5000 shows including such things as Holiday Parties, Wedding Parties, Conventions and other Corporate Events. We also offer a discount for School, College/Universities and Non-Profit Organizations. There are negotiable travel fee’s involved as well. Call us to see what we can do for you!