What is Hypnosis?

What is Hypnosis?

By definition hypnosis is a condition that can be artificially induced in people, in which they can respond to questions and are very susceptible to suggestions from the hypnotist. In short, it is “the power of suggestion.”


There are 6 levels of hypnosis with 6 being the deepest. The fifth level is termed somnambulism and the sixth is profound somnambulism. The first 4 levels will allow different amounts of conscious memory of the session. The fifth and sixth there is limited or no conscious memory of what took place in the session. 5 PATH Hypnotherapist do most of their work at this level.


In order to better understand how it works you must first understand some of the function of the human brain. When it comes to hypnosis, we focus on three things; the conscious mind, the subconscious mind and the unconscious mind.


The unconscious mind controls the things we don’t have to think about such as your heartbeat, reflexes, blinking, and breathing.


The subconscious mind is very literal and is similar to the hard drive in a computer, it stores all the things that happen and have happened in your life. The subconscious mind is also like the power plant and can control the unconscious mind.


The conscious mind is very analytical and decides if you are going to believe something or not. Once you believe (accept something as reality) it is passed to the subconscious mind and a new program is added, much like a computer. Each time that belief is reinforced, it becomes stronger. This is a very powerful process and can limit your potential in life.


A well trained Hypnotist will take you to a wonderful state of relaxation referred to as a hypnotic trance. The Hypnotist will then talk to your subconscious mind and correct the erroneous beliefs that are holding you back or causing problems in your life.


Let me give you 2 examples of an erroneous belief that I once had:


First was that we use less than 10 % of our brain. Because I had been told that several times over many years and even read specifically that Albert Einstein used just over 10% of his brain, I accepted it as reality. In the past few months I have been doing research and I have learned a different reality about this belief. At this time, there is still no real way of determining the amount of the brain that is used or even what every cell in the brain is for, but it is certain that nearly all of the brain is used at some point or another. So, the belief that we use less than 10% of our brain is false because we us nearly all of it.


Second is that Bumble Bees can’t fly and the only reason they do is because no one has told them they can’t. The one thing that is true about that statement is that if someone could tell them they can’t fly and they believe that to be true, they would not be able to fly simply because they believe they cannot. The belief about a Bumble Bee’s ability to fly was based on an object with ridged wings. New technology has allowed scientist to understand how they and other insects can fly and it is based on the speed, twist and flexibility of the wings. So YES, Bumble bees can really fly!!!


I share these two beliefs with you so you can see that things we were taught may have appeared true at the time, but may limit us to the reality of many situations in our lives. Let us help you get rid of the erroneous beliefs that have been holding you back so you can move forward into a more positive future.


The power of the mind is an amazing thing! Hypnosis can change many things about a persons life, fix a variety of problems and take care of several medical conditions. It is not a cure-all and it does not work for everyone; however, it does it is highly successful and works for most people. In order to be hypnotized you simply have to have the desire to be hypnotized and have an ability to understand and follow instructions.